Where is Coderman?

John Newman jnn at synfin.org
Sat Jan 12 10:17:12 PST 2019

>> But damn, if you are coderman at gmail.com, it would have been good to
>> have an authentication mechanism in place before changing email
>> providers. Not that Google to ProtonMail is a bad move, of course.
>> I did look through old list messages, and didn't find anything that
>> coderman at gmail.com had GnuPG-signed.
>> But of course, it doesn't really matter ;)
> indeed; email must die!

Use GPG and sign your messages :P

I tied my GPG key into Keybase.io, which gives you some options of tying your key to
various other services, e.g. a personal web site / a BTC address / logins for reddit
& hacker news & probably other shit too.

But, really, just having a posting history with a certain key seems to me the easiest & most
reliable way of establishing legitimacy.

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