Meme's, Jim, but not as we know them - was Re: Coderman's taobios-v2.tar.bz2

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Jan 8 17:02:40 PST 2019

On Tue, Jan 08, 2019 at 11:53:54PM +0000, coderman wrote:
> ...
> here's some fun for you:
> $ sha256sum taobios-v2.tar.bz2
> 0ba12b0ecf89d109301b619cbc8275e5cd78b6fefd3724fba0b6952186e37779
> ...
> Does anyone has it?
> ---
> I may have a copy somewhere. The server where it was hosted is dead, Jim.

It's dead Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it.

  The Firm - Star Trekkin'

 And ... there's ...
 Marxists on the street today, street today, street today,
 Marxist fascists Soros paid, meme them all away. HEY :D

 Meme's, punk but not as we know them, not as we know them,
 Melting snowflakes all night long, future for muh children.

 Deep ... stating, circling the drain,
 protecting criminals, target you and I.
 Pizza-gating, blackmailing power plays,
 Glorifying war and demonising Love!

 There's ... triggers on the Net today, Net today, Net today,
 Triggers melt snowflakes away, enlightened 'man' we may!

 Auschwitz falsies seen by all, seen by all, seen by all,
 Hebrew banking 'slavin all, Guilting the White race.

 Freedom, memeing. Confronting evil all,
 never hide or shirk, always do muh work!
 Memeing, winning, everybody banning,
 Yellow vests sustaining, deep state on tha RUN! YO!

 Memes create our future yo! future Yo! Future YO!
 Memes' Arch-Angel's gift to all, claiming back our land.

[Not sure where I first heard this lame arse attempt to riff
 "Star Trekkin" - clearly a total amateur needin a kick up
 dey front hole.]

Ho, muh Grits! You punk da musak? Much work to be done...

Someone say "yo"??  How lame is that?!!!@#@!#!!!

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