US 9/11: The Dark Overlord - Feeds Grand Jury, Fucks With The Deep State

John Young jya at
Tue Jan 8 08:52:29 PST 2019

At 11:37 PM 1/7/2019, you wrote:
>Architects & Engineers for
>9/11 Truth

This group is woefully unqualified to judge the cause of WTC 
collapses. We have observed its gradual growth with half-baked 
theories intended to bedazzle gullible consumers.

Meanwhile the structural engineer of the WTC Twin Towers, Leslie E. 
Roberston, has been successful at reestablishing his reputation so 
much that his firm (LERA) is the top structural peer reviewer for 
NYC's supertall structures.

This is not to overlook the likelihood of Robertson's peer review is 
not part of a public deception about the safety of supertalls as the 
City of New York Department of Buildings has sharply diminished its 
evaluation of submitted construction drawings since 1975 under 
pressure from banks, developers and contractrs and after 9/11 
accelerated its sweethearting to favor supertalls by use of, what 
else, replacement of experienced human reviewers with inexperienced 
computer jockies who are forbidden to visit and inspect actual 
construction sites.

Cryptome is publishing complete sets of supertall construction 
drawings under the title of "The Most Dangerous NYC Buildings:"

The Introduction's first three documents lay out how this has come 
about. TDO is on the right track but it is certainly going to be 
fiercely opposed by the global FIRE industry by way of the customary 
bag of demonization. One way to do that is accuse TDO of being a FIRE 

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