How Feminism, aka worthless feminazi scum is funded

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Jan 8 02:04:27 PST 2019

> Actually you can have your 'female suffrage' if you want and see how women
> vote for tyranny exactly like they did.

Hilary Clinton, in droves. Would have been nothing but more
*unequal* laws and preferential policies, quotas, more war,
theft, prison, murder as usual,"Mothers against..." almost
anything, etc. All just more unequal force. Anyone, woman,
man, alien from the next galaxy... wanting some sort of "law"
for something... is probably trying to both foist some unequal
unfree scam on you, and stay in power over you so they
can keep fucking you forever. Strip out all the preferential
laws and you might be free enough to become and enjoy
own equality.

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