How Feminism, aka worthless feminazi scum is funded

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Sun Jan 6 17:59:17 PST 2019

On 1/6/19 5:54 PM, Punk wrote:

> 	feminazi scum (aka feminists) got a 200 millions loan from the americunt government. 
> 	Notice how feminist scum in a banana republic is 'financed' by the supreme scum of the planet, the americunt government. Though of course, the loan will be repaid with money stolen from argie taxpayers. So americunt scum will actually get back their 'capital' PLUS usury. 

Funny thing:  All the feminists I have known had a primarily anarchist
orientation.  I guess it depends on who you run around with - and/or
whether one's information comes from personal contacts or mass media
propaganda sources.  If that seems "wrong" look up Emma Goldman, Lucy
Parsons and Simone De Beauvoir.

Feminazis seem to have originated in the New Left.  Presenting a
caricature of reactionary Marxism, the New Left rose to prominence in
the 1960s, displacing and discrediting Liberal and Pacifist voices in
U.S. media during the Vietnam War.  I suspect these folks had US State
sponsors:  The FBI's funding and direction of terrorist cells in the
U.S. at that time (per evidence in Court cases acquitting "dupes")
indicates vigorous political warfare against home grown U.S. dissidents.
 Failure to field a media personality propaganda front demonizing
dissidents would make no sense at all.

Following a make-over in the late 70s & early 80s, the New Left and its
new recruits call themselves Progressives.  Working as freelance
profiteers under the sponsorship of folks like Our Mrs. Clinton and her
network, our Progressives continue to use every means at their disposal
- now a respectable arsenal of propaganda assets, astroturf fronts,
friendly elected officials, etc. - to discredit and suppress grass roots
Liberal and Pacifist political activism, not to mention anti-Fascist
organizers and anything resembling anarchism.


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