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 From below, I quote:
"Instead of choosing 25random files from Layer 1, we chose 25 random files from the other
higher layers. What's in these files? We'll tell you briefly:"
Without knowing what is going on here, I can see an advantage of doing leaks a particular way.  Let's say a person has information to leak, he could separate it into a large number of sections, let's say "n" in number.  (I'm thinking perhaps 1000 parts).   Do a cryptographic hash of each portion, and reveal each of the hashes.  Select a provably random number of those sections (using input from the public, perhaps as many people who want to contribute), and reveal them.  The Public will be able to see the information, and it will also see that the information has the hash values previously claimed.  
The leaker won't be able to select which sections to leak, and therefore the material exposed will be representative of the total.  Due to sampling theory, any substantial amount of 'fake' sections would be exposed, if they exist, in the first round of releases.
As subsequent tranches are released, it will become more certain that all of the initial hashes are genuine.
                  Jim Bell

    On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 10:22:31 PM PST, Winter-chan <readyforwinter at> wrote:  
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This is the thedarkoverlord here to deliver a message.

We're now calling this megaleak, the '9/11 Papers'. Keep giving us
cyber-cash for cyber-cache.

We delivered Checkpoint 01 as promised, and now we're taking it upon
ourselves to dive a bit deeper into this 9/11 Papers Megaleak by
releasing our official Checkpoint 02 release as we've now reached
Checkpoint 02 due to another generous doner! Instead of choosing 25
random files from Layer 1, we chose 25 random files from the other
higher layers. What's in these files? We'll tell you briefly:

Highly confidential settlement documents
Highly confidential FBI interviews with involved persons
Highly confidential e-mails
Highly confidential judicial orders
Highly confidential sensitive security information
Highly confidential TSA, FBI, FAA files

Let this serve as more definitive proof that what we're saying is true,
and that the parties involved should comply, before this gets worse.

Enjoy the highly confidential data. Ensure to view the e-mail message
attachments. They're delicious and juicy. Continue to send us money and
continue to receive these documents.

SHA-1 HASH: 8B679F6C2A8962DBEEF8B6537CE938F646865793

We hope that there'll be more releases. Keep up the Bitcoin payments.
Our reward: internet money, your reward: 9/11 secret documents, never
before seen by the public. Your money is unlocking the truth and
providing answers. Keep it flowing.

United States law enforcement agencies have attempted to silence us from
our releases by requesting Twitter to suspend our account. An appeal to
Twitter has gone unanswered. We'd like everyone to know that we're still
here. We've taken to Reddit with our own sub. We'll provide updates as
we have them.

Our sub-reddit:

Third Press Release:
Second Press Release:
Original Press Release:

Stay tuned on PasteBin for future announcements related to this leak.
We'll always sign all of our releases for verification of authenticity.

Your friends,
Professional Adversarial Threat Group
TheDarkOverlord Solutions LLC, World Wide Web, LLC


thedarkoverlord E-Mail Address: tdohackers at
Backup1 E-Mail Address: thedarkoverlord at
Backup2 E-Mail Address: thedarkoverlord at torbox3uiot6wchz.onion
Make your own at (torbox3uiot6wchz.onion)
KickAss Tor Address: kickassugvgoftuk.onion


Other stuff:
>no archive known, reddit jews 404 user account

TDO 911 Leak Documents Mirror
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