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On 12/31/18 4:30 PM, Where is Coderman? wrote:

> A while back Coderman posted about FBI disruption strategies. Did
> Coderman get disrupted? Or is Coderman dead?
> “FBI disruption strategies - extra-judicial life destruction
> '''
> Disruption strategy involves “a range of tools including arrests,
> interviews, or source-directed operations to effectively disrupt
> subject’s activities.”

Speaking of which, regional so-called Bureaus of Investigation and even
Town Clowns also use 'disruption strategies' to reduce or eliminate the
effectiveness of political activists and other annoyances.

Step one, two gents in conservative suits visit your employer, flash
impressive ID cards, and obtain consent for a "confidential" interview.
 Then they start asking questions:  How well to you know The Subject,
have you seen any indications of X, Y or Z?  They won't accuse you of
anything, but their leading questions say that you are involved in dope
dealing, terrorism, child trafficking, or whatever else they judge will
frighten and/or anger your employer the most.

Kiss that job goodbye.

Your next employer visits the State labor department website to complete
an unemployment compensation form, and on the same day their phone
rings:  Your SSN tripped a filter, and an e-mail arrived at your local
Fusion Center. A watch officer grabs the script indicated, picks up the
phone and asks for an appointment to interview your new employer, again
on a "confidential" basis.  Needless to say, the new hire intake process
ends there and then with weak or no excuses made.

How does a person get on an enemies list like the one described?  Well,
bluntly refusing to inform on your friends will do it - especially if
you "turn" the asset who made the recruiting pitch, and/or feed him or
her intelligence designed to waste as much of the opposition's money and
resources as possible.  For instance if you "have reason to believe"
that certain people hanging around local activist orgs are Federal
informants, persuading informants working for your Town Clowns that they
are high level drug dealers might provide some harmless amusement.


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