Apollo 11, Govt Drone Shaming, Censors, Bio Hacking, Energy

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Sun Jan 27 17:16:13 PST 2019



China Govt app publicly shames you for being in debt... for refusing
to pay for the Govt's shaming app.
The Chinese government has developed a mobile app that tells users if
they are near someone who is in debt. The app, called a "map of
deadbeat debtors," flashes when the user is within 500 meters of a
debtor and displays that person's exact location. Once a user is
alerted that they are close to a debtor, the user can then view their
personal information. This will reveal their name, national ID number,
and why they were added to the debtor list. The debtor can then be
publicly shamed or reported to the authorities


Military's 2018 Drone UAS missions.. requests from the governors, also
Southern Border support, and a civilian response training exercise,
and for Customs and Border Patrol's counterdrug operations.


YouTube said today that it is retooling its algorithm in order to
prevent promoting conspiracies and false information, reflecting a
growing willingness to quell misinformation.
These often serve up unsavory content: conspiracy theories about
mass-shooting events being staged
(https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fe2_1519717074), that the moon
landing never happened (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhxTwcslfCY),
that the Earth is flat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKlIroTxxVM).
YouTube promises you'll see less of those kinds of videos.
"We'll continue reducing the spread of content that comes close to --
but doesn't cross the line of -- violating our Community Guidelines,"
YouTube said. "While this shift will apply to less than one percent of
the content on YouTube, we believe that limiting these types of videos
will mean a better experience for the YouTube community."


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