Socialism - nature's answer to curbing a once-great empire

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Jan 25 17:52:31 PST 2019

Socialism actshuallay has a greater purpose - to curb once great
empires, putting the brakes on the unrestrained "democracy" or
"soviet" dogma which is not so kindly in its imposition of itself
upon the empire's vassals.

Rome had its legions, its entitled citizens and most importantly
entitled soldiers.

Said soldiers received pay, to eat as they guarded the empire and
occasionally prosecuted a war or three.

This was Rome's unsustainable entitlements program, which when
combined with the corruption and rapid decent of "the elite", brought
about the end of that ancient empire.

It's an age old story - "benefits" such as "protection" and
"freedom", sold to the people in return for "your pithy tax dollars".

America as with every empire before it likewise fails to curb itself
or to self regulate, instead increasing its despotic and corrupt
hand of power upon its vassals or the vassals it wants (e.g.
Venezuela today). Witness the USA's daily droning of humans to death
(with the help of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc) and not a
hint of a non ironic "fair trial pursuant to democracy".

Enter stage right Socialism in the sanguine spinning, hair flouncing
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders and a half dozen more
socialist tax-to-the-max agents who shall maximise those social
"Roman citizen entitlements" and thus belittle the voters, ensure
increasing dependency (on the government) and ultimately completely
enslaving the nation (nee empire) into le traditional black hole of
debt servitude and economic collapse.

Thus as a happy coincidence for the rest of the world, this malignant
socialism curtails the militant and despotic empire.

 "Dangerous Ideas" Loom As Once Democratically Chosen,
 There's No Reversing Socialism

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