Deciphering: Voynich Manuscript Codex MS408

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Jan 23 23:49:56 PST 2019

The Solution to the Voynich Manuscript: MS 408.
You have come to the webpage for the academic papers:

1. Linguistic Missing Links.

2. Linguistically Dating and Locating Manuscript MS408.

3. Consonants & Vowels, Castles & Volcanoes.

These papers will be of interest and use to scholars from various
academic disciplines: linguistics, semiotics, graphology, cryptology,
Medieval history and so on. The manuscript is demonstrably shown
to be written in proto-Romance language, using proto-Italic alphabet.
This makes it a unique document in both respects.

The manuscript dates to 1444 from the island of Ischia, when
proto-Romance was the common language of the population of the
Mediterranean region. It is closest to modern Portuguese, Catalan
and Galician, because Ischia was part of the Crown of Aragon in the
15th century.


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