Why a state of emergency "due to currency collapse" only benefits the elite

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed Jan 23 20:55:10 PST 2019

The looming US Dollar collapse is something the Lame Stream Media and
"the elite" want us to believe requires "a state of emergency" to be

This is simply not true - a new currency could immediately replace
the old, within say 48 hours maximum.

The problem with the simple option is that this simple option implies
a wipe out of existing debts, and complete "debt forgiveness" for
outstanding debtees - in particular, the USA government i.e.
"nominally, the people".

And the "problem" with that is that the (((elite bankers))) would
lose their debt control over "the people", which of course they wish
to perpetuate.

The upcoming "state of emergency" is nothing other than a state of
emergency for "the elites", and only because they're likely to spend
a few months bickering about who gets the bigger slice "of initial
debt" in their presumably proposed next round of people enslavement.

In the next short while, "we the people" are very likely to be

Doesn't sound particularly appealing to most of us... but, any

  … "The explanation is... media welcomes discussion of emergency
  rule, to prepare the forces of the state for coming conflicts with
  the working class. Their only disagreement with Trump is over which
  faction of the ruling elite... should direct the repression."

  Inside The FBI's 'Police State' Operation Against Trump

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