Network sewers

ropeworm at ropeworm at
Tue Jan 22 05:35:22 PST 2019

When the Third Estate becomes globalised and threatens the existing 
zeitgeist, local nationalism and identity politics enter the foray.  
Reigning back our global commons via division and distraction, the 
digital dissonance which emanates from the circus of cacophony, 
reverberates deep into the rat runs weaving through the darknets. Even 
in these dark places, you find politicised pawns pontificating identity 
politics. The worlds they make are built from the fatty faeces deposited 
by their political preachers above.  Point a shitty finger at yourself 
and smell your own filth, because we’re all shitting in exactly the same 
place.  Inside our cubicles of paranoia, we worry about our privacy, 
encrypting our shit, whilst we leave our shitty fingerprints everywhere, 
and when we’re not encrypting our shit, we’re tugging on the block chain 
so we can get some scraps of fiat toilet paper to exchange for more fat 
and sugar. When we live amongst this filth our minds become sewers and 
shitty stuff becomes real, we begin to see terrorist turds and our 
fellow beings become coprophiliacs who want our shit, so we need to 
protect our sewage. We need sewage sages who can help us decipher all 
the shit and give us the keys to the securely wrapped golden nugget of 
turdscendental wisdom, so we can sit more securely with a smile on our 
face as we defecate all over our children’s dreams.

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