[MINISTRY] Peak femi-liberal lunacy - radical feminist twit-banned for questioning "transwomen" - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Jan 21 18:39:56 PST 2019

Ha! "The left eats itself". Every. Single. Time. Feminazi did nazi
zis one coming, jah? :D

 1) Yesterday, those promoting traditional families and conservatism
    (TDS) were banned for their "hate speech".

 2) Today, radical feminists are being banned for their "hate speech".

 3) Tomorrow, trans-women and trans-anythings will be banned for
    their "hate speech".

Asking a question is hate.

Presenting a fact is hate.

Hate speech is that which the most extreme lunatic Leftys declare to
be the hate speech of the hour.

Funny as bro, funny as.

Revel in smug, and while we're at it, start literally shaking :D
Or perhaps take stock and continue to create our shared world,
and good luck,

Paul Craig Roberts: The Disintegration of Western Society
  Radical feminists are now being banned by Twitter not because they
  hate men, which is perfectly OK as far as Twitter is concerned, but
  because they object to “transwomen.”

  What is a “transwoman?” As far as I can understand, a “transwoman”
  is a male with a penis who declares himself to be a women and
  demands his right to use women’s toilette facilities along with the
  women who are using them.

  The feminist, Meghan Murphy, twittered a statement and a question:

  “Men are not women.”

  “How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between men and

  Twitter described this as “hateful conduct” and banned Meghan

  There you have it. Yesterday it was feminists who were exercising
  their special society-bestowed privileges to censor. Today it is
  the feminists who are being censored. As this insanity of “Western
  Civilization” continues, tomorrow it will be the transwomen who are
  censored and banned.

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