Cryptocurrency: Openbazaar Haven, Price, Falkvinge on Lightning, Unit-e

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Jan 18 00:52:42 PST 2019

Falkvinge on Lightning

Price = ?
A crypto super-app bringing together the @openbazaar marketplace,
a decentralised social network, end-to-end encrypted chat, and a
multicurrency wallet.

Academic VaporCoin of the Month Club: Unit-e

In the 10 years since Bitcoin first emerged, blockchains have
developed from a novel idea to a field of academic research. Our
approach is to first understand fundamental limits on blockchain
performance, then to develop solutions that operate as close to
these limits as possible, with results that are provable within a
rigorous theoretical framework. DTR is a non-profit research
foundation based in Switzerland. We fund advances in technology,
enabling scalable distributed trust systems.

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