Gilet Jaunes: eyeballs, hands, deaths, comas - Macron ratchets up, will "NEVER back down" - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Jan 16 14:17:36 PST 2019

Shirt is real folks!

'Tis simple y'all - claim le round-a-bouts, lose a life, limb or eye
ball here and there, bring your goverment to its knees:

 Death toll in French 'yellow vest' protests rises to nine
   …demonstrators kept up major disruptions of road traffic…

Face your fear already - join with others - create your world!

Macron remains not only staunchly defiant in the face of 17%
popularity and 70% support for the Yellow Vests, but continues to
ratchet up the force against the people, this time a father of three
fireman is put in a coma, bringing the likely death toll to half a
dozen - because what's an eye-ball or the life of a white man worth
anyway you racist pig?

Democracy in action folks.

For everything else, there's International Bankers.

Macron seeks "public debate" to gain breathing space for his rat
government termiting France, yet promises "literally nothing" and
continues to vehemently promise to never shift ground from his
election stance of global warming taxes and infinigger immigration of
Somalis fleeing a devastating war in Syria.

How is that supposed to inspire anyone to a "citizen" "debate"?

France: Yellow Vest Fireman in a Coma After Getting Shot
in the Back of the Head by Cop

WAR ZONE French ‘Yellow Vest’ protester has hand BLOWN OFF by grenade
as country descends into violence and bloodshed

'Police shot at us deliberately': Friend of French woman who lost
eye in Yellow Vest clashes to RT

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