Zhirinovsky: USA is “Israeli-occupied territory …to survive …set aside places …to deport this small but troublesome tribe.” - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed Jan 16 03:13:23 PST 2019

>From our Russkie bro's be leading the charge in the immortal "pulling
no punches" dept, "court jester" Zhirinovsky lays it out plain - not
only the USA but Russia too, according to both he and 1996 USA
presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan, are each “Israeli-occupied

His proposed solution? “To survive, we could set aside places on U.S.
and Russian territories to deport this small but troublesome tribe.”

Pat Buchanan rejects the possible persecution of any minority -
likely a wise and life sustaining position to take against such
powerful money-controlling foes as the International "Investment"

Another final solution of course could be to simply do as Putin did
for Venezuela, North Korea and from memory an African nation or two -
simply take that digital red pen and literally wipe out the world's

A final jubilee is a more humane final solution than the literally
fraudulent "holocaust" hoax foisted upon humanity for the last 70
years!  Makes one wonder about the possibility of any alternative
"final solution".

Me thinks that (((those who always overplay their hand))) might end
up literally shaking at a global debt jubilee, and might be inclined
to oppose the constitutional "gold and silver coin" real money being
re-instituted in the lands of "the free"...

but in this day and age of computers, all it takes is the push of a
few buttons.

Follow that with radical transparency - every single receipt,
purchase, sale etc put to publicly available publishing and a few
other simple steps and we'd almost have the world's first democracy.

A "final solution" for democracy - get rid of "democracy" and teach
folks how to be free.

** Russia’s court jester that tells the truth:
Meet Vladimir Zhirinovsky

   … Zhirinovsky has Israeli relatives, including his uncle and cousin,
   [and]… [he] has led a number of official Russian delegations to
   Israel, on behalf of the Russian government. Visiting Israel, he
   says that he is concerned particularly about the economic situation
   for the more than one million Russians living in Israel. He also
   states that “Russia will never allow any kind of violence against

   Besides expressing his concern for Turks and Caucasians displacing
   the Russian population from their settled territory, Zhirinovsky
   also advocated for all Chinese and Japanese to be deported from the
   Russian Far East. During his 1992 visit to the United States,
   Zhirinovsky called on television “for the preservation of the white
   race” and warned that the white Americans were in danger of turning
   their country over to black and Hispanic people.

   In 2004, Zhirinovsky spoke at the City Court of Saint Petersburg, in
   reference to the assassination of Galina Starovoytova. After
   accusing Starovoytova of having worked for foreign intelligence, he
   said “I have always said openly that for democrats of pro-Western
   orientation there are only three roads: prison, the grave, and

 … But his talk in the video makes another stunning point: The spirit
 of the Monarchy must be returned, rather than thoughts only of
 wages, spending and taxes. “We must restore the sanctity of power”,
 says Zhirinovsky, and this is a radical departure from the viewpoint
 of market economics such as is held in the West.

 There is much about the rhetoric of Mr. Zhirinovsky that would, at
 first and even second glance, would alarm readers schooled in the
 Western way of viewing the world. But this is also the function of
 the court jester in motion.

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