give birth while young - future babies won't be with 34+ year old women - fertility decreasing

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Tue Jan 15 16:58:58 PST 2019

To remind us of the obvious, "fertility does not equal birth rate":

 The Astounding Drop in Global Fertility Rates Between 1970 And 2014

 Fertility Rate By Country 2019

Fertility is decreasing, due to environmental (/biological) factors
and social factors.

Sad stories of older ("middle aged") women going through massive
journeys at their local fertility clinic, just to have a first or
second child:

 44-Year-Old Gives Birth, Urges Younger Women: “Please Don’t
 Wait. Don’t Go Through What I Did.”

  … But the past five years of my life have been lost to a horrible
  rollercoaster of desperate longing, dashed hopes, miscarriage,
  fertility drugs and pain – both physical and emotional.

 The Age Your Fertility Really Begins To Decline
  … the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  emphasized that women's ability to have babies declines gradually
  "but significantly" beginning around age 32, then more rapidly
  after age 37

  … the new opinion is backed by studies looking at natural fertility
  within the population, as well as results from hundreds of
  fertility clinics on thousands of cycles of in vitro fertilization.
  "I would say it's based on very, very sound evidence,"

 The U.S. fertility rate just hit a historic low. Why some
 demographers are freaking out.

Those who do NOT hate themselves still want a future for

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