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Mon Jan 14 15:30:42 PST 2019

'Tis celebration time folks, as we have another day and another hero
holding his ground (see below)!

Between Sydney and the University of NSW (Australia) is a large
public park with a tar-sealed track enough for a car or a few
bicycles side by side.

Being a very large park (2.2km^2, >500 acres), this track is ideal
for cycling and thus folks make their way from all around Sydney to
train or simply to enjoy this glorious circuit.

Being a somewhat popular place in Sydney, there are often normal
non-cycling humans too, walking at one place or another, and often
enough with children or toddlers with them, and as such, speed limits
have been set at 30km/hr and even 10km/hr in so called "shared

This is all very well, and young males often make much use of this
cycling circuit, for training, exercise, and short sprints to prove
who is "better" than his cycling buddies because of course, this
question must be regularly tested, temporarily answered, and
re-tested ad-nauseum.

Due to such hormone induced competition, on the rare occasion a
traffic cop has been rumoured to set up his mobile radar trap and
thus remind the local boys that there is, in fact, a speed limit.

The greatest of such rumours was "this one time, at Centennial Park,
Joe was absolutely fangin' it round the park and got clocked by a
coppa doin' over 60 km/hr!"

"Woah! Fakkin awesome, dude!"

As in, that is one speeding ticket to frame and hang forever in
(in)famy on the family wall - who wouldn't be proud as?

Similarly, the more recent and sad (in an "extremely disappointed in
Germans obeying their kiked authorities and laws" way) yet gloriously
wonderful --true stories-- of Grandma Haverbeck, Ernst Zundel and
others slammed in jail for daring to put forth certain rather glaring
facts, inconsistencies, impossibilities and of course the logically
consequent questions about the holohoax, are truly "feathers in one's
spiritual cap", despite the fear and loss of liberty that said jail
terms bring personally.

Which all leads us to today and the same blight in a new dreary form
- those unthinking, anti-science Commies, moronic Marxist social
constructionists walking as the Zionist golem we are all so familiar
with today as it bludgeons away all facts in its superficial, yet
successfully tyrannical exercise of power.

This of course is only possible in the face of a mostly subjugated
into significant Islam (submission) people of the West:

 May God Bless You, Mr. Watson. And May God Bless Your Children
 and Your Children’s Children.
   This man [90 year old James Watson] literally discovered DNA. But
   he is evil now, because he thinks the difference in white and
   black DNA accounts for the difference in performance.

   Make no mistake about it.

   James Watson is falling on his sword – all the way on his sword –
   in the name of truth, science, justice and the future of the white
   race on planet earth.

   He is also doing a secular version of the Christian concept of
   “building treasures in Heaven.” He knows that he will die with
   people believing in the bizarro world religious doctrine that
   “race is a social construct.” But he also knows that after his
   death, the order of truth will be restored, and he will stand

 Nobel Prize-winning DNA pioneer stripped of titles for insisting IQ
 depends on race & genes
    Ninety-year-old Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has
    been stripped of his honorary titles by a leading American
    research institution, after doubling down on his controversial
    conclusions linking race and intelligence.

    Despite nearly half a century service to the Cold Spring Harbor
    Laboratory (CSHL), Watson, a world-renowned geneticist, lost all
    of his honorary titles of Chancellor Emeritus, Oliver R. Grace
    Professor Emeritus and Honorary Trustee, for refusing to retract
    his own scientific conclusions.

    In 2007, Watson was suspended from all of his positions held at
    the Jew York lab following a scandal centering around his claim
    about the "inherently gloomy" future of the African continent.
    “All our social policies are based on the fact that their
    intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says
    not really,” he told the Times newspaper at the time.

Note that the "scientific entity" at issue, CSHL, abuses the classic
domination trope "conflation":

   [CHSL] “condemns the misuse of science to justify prejudice.”

which is a slimy conflation of science exposing facts and the
logical/ inescapable conclusions arising therefrom, with their slur
upon James Watson that he is allegedly "justifying prejudice".

Shame on CHSL for stooping so low as to abuse such Marxist tropes in
the name of some constructionist wank about "inclusion" and
"equality" - but what else are we to expect from "respectable
instutions of science" in this Zionist age?

James Watson shall be vindicated, though possibly not before he
passes from this world, giving nothing but a superficial and so
temporary win to Satan:

Some memes for the glorious taking, to #TriggerAMarxist today:


Trigger a Marxist today, present a fact. Yo!

Get jailed today in Germany - publicly speak a fact about the

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