revelling in bigotry's comedic shock value != evil fascist intention

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Jan 8 14:46:34 PST 2019

Revelling in bigotry's comedic shock value, scattering melting
snowflakes in your wake, slashing "hissing weasels" from their
fake-God pedestals of female fake-purity with every biting sardonic
bigotry trope in Pepe's and Gritty's trope books, is known to cause
spontaneous feelings of joy, relief, satisfaction and occasionally
sensations of a dawning enlightenment.

Wherewith the 'evil fascist' behind every triggering, every Russian,
every conservative?

Not by half, Watson; 'tis but one of the the weak-willed's visious
step sisters ... trumpt da da daaa ... conflation.

Conflations, ad-homs, straw men, false dichotomies and an endless
litany more, are set upon those with goodly and true intentions to
bust The Ministry's fascist PC dictates twisting the minds of the
young and of the uninformed. Stay strong my fellow Souls and continue
to banish all politically correct hypocrisies enslaving the NPCs, and
witness the seedlings of your temporarily embarrassed human targets -
some will whither and die, some taste the sunshine and fresh waters
of your meme rains, beginning their journey to adulthood, to becoming
human and possibly to reach being worthy of that class, "man".

So ride, muh grits! Meme! Don thou asbestos suit and create thy world
already.  Go forth humbly and forthrightly, yet shirk not thy holy
duty to trigger.

Peace, and may God ride with you in this, our collective journey of
healing and trigger train meme gangs.

We are close. Our abundant opportunites are now only short before us.

Heed your own most personal call - be true to you and your Creator -
in Present World, Future Needs YOU‼

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