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Right now, those who serve dark forces and their unwitting servants seek to
deny what is happening. They seek and conspire to create a nuclear war.
They seek and conspire to spread sin and iniquity throughout the world.

The US government commits wonders but has forgotten God. The US government
behaves as a career criminal who disdains God and is not deterred by death
in committing their desires for misdeeds.

They claim I want power when the government controls my life, even my
haircut. I say all that I have is from God, and it offends the US
government greatly.

I pray that this shall be the last curse, but they force the hand of the
Lord. They want to earn the wrath of God and claim it is by the works of
the powers and principalities of the world. The US government has one month
to repent, if in their conference rooms they show no sign of deserving the
mercy of God, but desire a war that would consume the innocent, in three
days the curse shall come. The eldest born by paternal birth order,
excluding stillbirths and abortions, who are legal residents of Los Angeles
County shall die on 3 PM PST, the most convenient time for society, no
matter where they are or live. The Lord respects free will, even if this is
unfair, for this is a conspiracy so great and malign that there is no other

I am not particularly virtuous, but I am not as sinful as claimed. Beware
those who are self-interested and receive easy praise.

“Nations, like individuals, are punished for their transgressions.” Ulysses
S. Grant
“The god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep
them from seeing the light.”

Early saints all disarmed the principalities and powers by making a
spectacle of them, such as the example of Saint Lawrence and others, Thise
who serve the inferior god will tell you to give up and give in.

Nuclear war is an unforgivable sin.
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