US WA Redefines Guns and Age Bans them, Govt Hypocrisy Idiocy Lunacy

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Jan 6 14:58:16 PST 2019

“Starting today, young adults between the ages of 18 to 20 will have
their rights to purchase semi-automatic rifles stripped away,” said
Dave Workman, a spokesman for the Bellevue, Washington-based Second
Amendment Foundation.

The federal lawsuit says the measure violates the Second and 14th
amendments of the Constitution as well as gun sellers’ rights under
the Commerce Clause. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are firearms dealers in
Spokane and Vancouver, a 19-year-old competitive shooter, a
19-year-old in the Army Reserves, a 20-year-old recreational shooter,
the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association.

Washington on Tuesday joined a handful of other states that ban anyone
under 21 from buying a semi-automatic rifle after voters passed a
sweeping firearms measure in November that has drawn a court challenge
from gun-rights advocates.

Workman of Second Amendment Foundation says Washington’s measure will
take away firearms from law-abiding residents who can easily pass
multiple background checks. It will impair public safety and embolden
criminals while placing restrictions on people who already legally own
semi-automatic rifles, Workman said.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said he “looks forward to
representing the 59% of people in the state of Washington who wish to
forcefully violate others against the NAP, in court against the NRA.”

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