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> > 	Is there any actual source for that 'quote' apart from a
> > twatter picture?
> This was scruz.general misc.survivalism 14y ago...
> Subject: Commie Rag praises  MLK
> Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 20:37:04 -0800
> Message-ID: <180120052037049449%timcmay at got.net>
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/scruz.general/nH2QVBBBcNs/Oe8Ruund454J
> https://scruz.general.narkive.com/29QgNUds/commie-rag-praises-mlk

	supposedly TCMay stated : "Liquidate the Jew and the negro and most of our problems fade away." 

	So let me set the record straight. Firstly, black (and brown) people are third rate subjects of the empire whereas jews are vastly 'overrepresented' among the ruling class. So from a libertarian point of view the two groups have nothing in common.

	Secondly, although jews are 'overrepresented' among oppressors, the majority of government and corporate criminals are non-joos. Let's assume that wall street is 20% jooish. If the joo faction of wall street was liquidated then 80% of the banking ruling class would remain unscathed and certainly 'our problems' would NOT fade away. Again from a libertarian point of view May's class analysis is nonsense. 


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