Zeller-Nikolov: hard-surfaced solar body average temperature determined by distance(Sun) and atmospheric pressure

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 Venus has 2,412 times more carbon dioxide than Earth measured as a
 percentage of its atmosphere, and this CO2 has no measurable effects
 on Venusian average long-term temperature according to many repeated
 technical reviews of the data supporting this simple formula.

 Only distance from the Sun and atmospheric pressure (of hard-
 surfaced bodies such as the moon and earth) determine long term
 average temperatures.

 CO2 has no measurable direct effect on planetary temperature.

Put a snowflake in their flunky place today - present a fact :)

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Subject: The Zeller-Nikolov climate discovery may turn the world upside down

*The Zeller-Nikolov climate discovery may turn the world upside down.*


Nature created the fundamental mathematical relationship now known as
E=mc2. A mathematical finding, if proven valid, is a real phenomenon; as
real as finding a diamond in a river bed. Nature creates fundamental
mathematical relationships; humans only discover them.

The straightforward and crystal-clear mathematical discovery by Dr. Karl
Zeller and Dr. Ned Nikolov has many enemies. If their finding is proven
accurate, it could bankrupt the wind and solar industries and put heavy
pressure on politicians to end biofuel mandates. It would embarrass most
politicians and almost all climate scientists, even those who believe
carbon dioxide has no significant effect on Earth temperatures.

The Zeller-Nikolov climate finding uses official NASA data to quantify the
average temperatures of the hard-surfaced satellite bodies orbiting our
Sun. The formula is not applicable to the gas planets: Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, and Neptune. Zeller and Nikolov claim to be able to determine the
long-term average temperature of Venus, Earth, Mars, Titan (a moon of
Saturn), and Triton (a moon of Neptune) by using just two informational
values: their distance from the Sun and their atmospheric pressure.

Zeller and Nikolov have found that the gaseous composition of atmospheres
is immaterial to determining long-term average temperatures. For example,
the atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide, while Earth's
atmosphere contains only .04% carbon dioxide, yet those vast differences
are irrelevant to the mathematical calculations required to determine
average temperatures. This mathematical proof tells us that even though
Venus has 2,412 times more carbon dioxide than Earth measured as a
percentage of its atmosphere, that CO2 has no measurable effects on its
average long-term temperature. Zeller and Nikolov claim that carbon dioxide
and all the other atmospheric gases only contribute to temperature by their
physical mass and resultant atmospheric pressure. They point out that their
predictions for planets and moons are accurate to within one degree
Celsius, a confidence-inspiring finding so precise that coincidence can
reasonably be ruled out.

The Zeller-Nikolov discovery means that Earth's atmosphere keeps us warm
via gas-compression heating under the weight of Earth's approximately
300-mile-thick atmosphere, not by the greenhouse effect. An actual
greenhouse has a glass wall enclosing it. Earth has no enclosure and is
open to space, so the two scientists suggest that the term "greenhouse
effect" be replaced by "atmospheric thermal enhancement." Heat is created
by compressing atmospheric gases through the pull of gravity. Similarly, in
a diesel engine a piston is used to compress gases to generate enough heat
to eliminate the need for a spark plug. The tremendous gravitational pull
on the enormous mass of Earth's atmosphere combined with solar radiation
warms our planet just enough to allow carbon-based life forms to flourish.

If carbon dioxide was the powerful greenhouse gas alarmists claim it to be,
the calculations for Venus would have to be dramatically different than the
calculations for Earth, but they are the same. This tells us that CO2 has
no measurable direct effect on planetary temperature, which makes perfect
sense as the Earth has experienced severe ice ages when atmospheric CO2
levels were many times higher than they are today.

The carbon dioxide-driven greenhouse gas *theory* Swedish scientist Svante
Arrhenius first proposed in 1896 has never been proven valid by empirical
testing. Svante's ideas sounded plausible, so people accepted them without
proof. More recently, American politicians literally ordered the IPCC to
burn through enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars concocting wild and
fanciful computer-model projections based on Svante's assumptions. As the
old computer-programming saying goes, "garbage in, garbage out" (GIGO).

All of the IPCC's doomsday climate predictions have failed to materialize
despite our heavily biased media's best efforts to distort and exaggerate.
Ordinary summer heat waves and winter storm activity has been falsely
portrayed as precursors to the end of the world, which will certainly come
unless we elect more Democrats. Climate gurus keep pushing the date of
catastrophe into the future because the global doom they keep predicting
never arrives. What has arrived are ordinary and expected minor
fluctuations in Earth's climate that have been going on since Earth was
formed. Ask yourself, when did the Earth have a climate that was more
pleasant and beneficial to mankind than the climate we have today? The
honest answer is simply *never*.

Despite multiple technical reviews by scientists around the world, no one
has found error in Zeller and Nikolov's mathematical formulas and specific
computations. Objections raised against their discovery are largely that it
does not fit accepted climate theories that are professionally and
politically popular. Climate science has become an Orwellian tool of
political power and an enormous money-making profession for scientists,
professors, universities, state and federal government employees, and a
thousand and one green-scam businesses. Just think of all the billions of
dollars being spent on "global warming" and the mandated false remedies. No
doom equals no costly remedies and no profits for those selling fear.
Real scientists know that you cannot control the weather with windmills and
solar panels any more than you can control the weather with bowling balls
and statues of dead politicians, yet the costly and impractical
renewable-energy fad continues. Crony capitalists and ambitious but
scientifically naive politicians from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to Beto
O'Rourke, to billionaire Michael Bloomberg want taxpayers to spend
trillions of dollars on energy schemes that have already raised the cost of
food and energy all over the world. This has harmed the world's poor far
more than the wealthy, the very opposite of what liberals are supposed to
stand for. Now they want us to dramatically escalate our war against the
carbon atom, the very element all our food and our own bodies are made of.
Carbon creatures fighting carbon; human events rarely get more twisted and
surreal than this.

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