How to achieve 1 meter accuracy with Android Was: Re: Dropgang vulnerabilities

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Thu Feb 28 21:16:59 PST 2019

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> jamesd at wrote:
> >> The swamp near me gets flooded by the ocean at high tide for several
> >> miles.  Bury it before a high tide, and the tide will erase the marks of
> >> the digging.  That is how we deal around here with child protective
> >> services and people who go pig hunting on private land without permission.
> On 2019-03-01 06:10, Punk wrote:
> > 	yeah, you never learned even the A of the ABC of libertarianism, we know that.
> Libertarianism 101:  It is right to use violence on people who violate 
> your property, and no property is more precious than children.

	I don't mind if state agents have an 'accident' and/or are beaten to death, any state agent or government criminal, not just agents from 'child protective services'. However the idea that you can attack people who hunt in 'your' land is of course nonsense. 

	And the idea that children are owned is just as nonsensical. But hey, just like you,  the government also thinks that children can be owned, that's why there things like public 'education' and 'child protective services'.

> But, back to topic of safe drops:
> Even for people who live in the big city, take a look at google earth. 
> There is wilderness not very far from you, and lots of people visit that 
> wilderness for reasons other than collecting a drop.

	That may be te true in some areas, not in others. 

	back to the article's bullshit claims 

	"All kinds of goods will be widely available, anonymously, securely, in our cities and urban environments." 


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