How to achieve 1 meter accuracy with Android Was: Re: Dropgang vulnerabilities

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Thu Feb 28 17:56:13 PST 2019

jamesd at wrote:
>> The swamp near me gets flooded by the ocean at high tide for several
>> miles.  Bury it before a high tide, and the tide will erase the marks of
>> the digging.  That is how we deal around here with child protective
>> services and people who go pig hunting on private land without permission.

On 2019-03-01 06:10, Punk wrote:
> 	yeah, you never learned even the A of the ABC of libertarianism, we know that.

Libertarianism 101:  It is right to use violence on people who violate 
your property, and no property is more precious than children.

But, back to topic of safe drops:

Even for people who live in the big city, take a look at google earth. 
There is wilderness not very far from you, and lots of people visit that 
wilderness for reasons other than collecting a drop.

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