How to achieve 1 meter accuracy with Android Was: Re: Dropgang vulnerabilities

jamesd at jamesd at
Wed Feb 27 15:15:51 PST 2019

>      There are some clever ways to place an object at some 'secret' 
> location and allow the recipient to find it. *HOWEVER* that hardly 
> solves the surveillance problem.

If you are in the city, everything is on CCTV.  But you are not going to 
drop something valuable in the middle of the city.

I look out from my window, and I see forest, ocean, and swamps.  Drop in 
the forest.  Drop it in the swamp.  *Bury* it in the swamp and take a 
photo of the location, like a pirate map to buried treasure.

The swamp near me gets flooded by the ocean at high tide for several 
miles.  Bury it before a high tide, and the tide will erase the marks of 
the digging.  That is how we deal around here with child protective 
services and people who go pig hunting on private land without permission.

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