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Dropgangs, or the future of dark markets

	I call mostly bullshit on most of that article. A couple of points : 

	First : 

	There are some clever ways to place an object at some 'secret' location and allow the recipient to find it. *HOWEVER* that hardly solves the surveillance problem. 
	If people's movements are tracked using video surveillance then it's possible to find out who is doing suspicious things like going to a park and picking something off the ground. And if a place in the countryside is used, then the car used to get there is tracked. AND there may be other surveillance cameras close to the location as well.

	Not to mentio, the retardphone itself, which enables the user to find stuff with 30cm accuracy AND allows the government to track its subjects with 30cm accuracy. 

	Granted, the system may work under some circumstances but it seems to me that if it were used by a sizable amount of people, then identifying those people would be rather easy.

	Second : 

	The 'new system' allegedly replaces piece of shit tor with something EVEN WORSE : 

	"...messaging services will appear that combine better anonymity for both merchant and customer" 
	yeah, they will appear, because of...magic. Wait for it 

	" First steps in this direction have been taken by Chinese messaging companies, Telegram and even Facebook" 

	so facebook and the CCP will provide the 'anonymous' telecom infrastructure for black markets. Rejoice! But now seriously, the author seems to be mocking his readers. 

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