Anarchapulco Assassination; 'just the cost of doing business'

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Fri Feb 8 22:23:55 PST 2019

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> "John Galton Wanted Libertarian Paradise in ‘Anarchapulco.’ He Got Bullets Instead."
> A rundown on the scumbag pushing Anarchapulco...

	so what is the source of tazer's 'information'? oh it's a propaganda outlet for the pentagon. The 'daily beast' being a 'liberal' cesspool. 

	And what does tazer's article say? Oh it says that 'third world' mexico is a place where  people get robbed or killed because in mexico there are no American Cops who are the Saviours of the World. 

	Since it is a commie-americunt article, that is a mix of americunt puritanism and commie puritanism

	"They were a mix of varying idealists, anarchists, heavily into drugs and partying and all that. " 'You don’t get a particularly nice, functioning community" 

	See? corporate americunt nazi-communism doesn't 'work' if people 'take drugs'. Children who read tazer's vomits should learn their lesson. 

	yeah, tazer is just a dumb, anti-libertarian, left-wing  joo-fascist who copypastes stuff from the pentagon's daily propaganda feed.

Ps: yeah berwick is an asshole. Like tazer. 



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