Decentralized exchanges for crypto currencies

Ivan Ivanov cryptopro at
Wed Feb 27 06:31:49 PST 2019

Hello cypherpunks,

I am interested in your opinion of decentralized exchanges - DEXes. 
  Do you think that it is good alternative of the centralized ones?

I checked some of them and I think that one of the biggest problems is the liquidity and user experience, but they also have a lot of advantages:
  Extremely secure  Users have full control over their funds  Everything you need is public/privatekey, metamask or hardware wallet  It is not required any personal data  No one can stop the smart contract - it is unstoppable, because is running on the blockchain  The code is open source   I have some friends which are building a DEX and they are focused on the security, transparency and UI.
You could check their platform here:   
  I would be always happy to discuss anything regarding blockchain and DEXes.  
  Keep you privacy and digital identity save! 
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