Documentary: This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy

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Mon Feb 25 23:43:00 PST 2019

S01E07 - Is Money Bullshit
What is money, really? Kal Penn navigates a return to the barter
system, the politics of the gold standard and the logic of fiat
currency. He also untangles complexities of cryptocurrency and
learns how to survive an economic apocalypse.

S01 - All 8 Episodes 23GB
Actor and former White House Associate Director of Public Engagement,
Kal Penn, takes viewers around the world to meet key players behind
some of the more serious and bizarre movements in today's economy.

- Money Laundering: A How to Guide
- Are Rich People Dicks or Do Dicks Get Rich
- The Rubber Episode
- A.I. is the Future. Will it Keep Us Around to Enjoy It?
- Counterfeiting Kills Economies (And Helps Them Too)
- The Death Episode
- Is Money Bullshit?
- A Global Corruption Tour

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