Cryptocurrency: Craig Wright BlackNet BSV AntiChrist

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Feb 20 20:42:30 PST 2019
"The “crypto” community is not seeking Satoshi, they want a
constructed myth that allows them to believe they can have an
anonymous system of money and those things parliaments seek to stop,
they can allow. They would not want me, as the system I created is not
anonymous and it cannot be made to be anonymous. The nature of a
“blockchain” is a system that acts as an immutable and admissible
evidence stop that binds both the individual and the system they exist
within. Everyone in the space seems to have wanted an anonymous
system. The issues created with an anonymous system is exactly what
Bitcoin solves. I didn’t create an anonymous system. I created a
system that works with logs and within the legal frameworks... the
antichrist, the bringer of the end. I am not what people want. I am
not an anarchist, I do not believe in a world without government, and
I do not have thoughts of a world without banking. I seek nothing less
than creating a commercial replacement for the entire Internet. I will
teach governments and institutions about the future."

Fiat = Of and by Tyrants Kings Overlords Bosses Puppetmasters
Rulers Profiteers... Evidence, non Private non Anonymous, Logs,
Datamining, Surveillance, Censorship, Control, Permission,
Inflation, Collapse, Theft Taxation Slavery for War Murder Torture
in your name from your wallet at Force of Gunpoint and Death.
The World is sick of thousands years of [and now having
become even more Powerful by Digital] Fiat Systems...
No one wants Fiat anymore. They want Freedom Peace
AnonPrivacy... and through the Internet they're just beginning
to learn they can do that, and indeed learn and do all good
things, themselves, together, Voluntarily.

In all, it does not matter who was who, or what
was what, most being centralized thus subject anyways.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are out of the bag, competition
is on, a rapid mashup towards new, prior art rightly canceled.
Only the future knows which models will be among the ones
that succeed. One thing is certain, Fiat and all its elements,
including mandated transparency (always yours not theirs),
have been well tried and failed in history, in the end Fiat fails
at doing what it says.

This time around, try something radically different,
adopt a different philosophy.

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