Cryptocurrency: Irrelavants, Gox Rising, War on Cash, Govt Change Wars, Flash Crypto Sploits

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Feb 10 22:03:40 PST 2019

While, whoever they are, their memoirs and interviews will be heard
by many, Satoshi is now 10 years, and thousand implementations,
beyond being relavant. Satoshi indeed birthed Blockchain.  And
Blockchain has rightly taken its own course ever since, without
Satoshi, forcibly, by nature of open source and freedom.  Anyone
claiming to be Satoshi as to implying any right to steer the future
or be listened to due to that... is today ridiculous.  No one cares about
the past, it's but history. The Genesis Block states all that is
needed to know to develop the future. Get over yourself, write your
memoirs, with proof, if you want, and contribute to something based
on and going forward from today's state, enciphering tomorrows
future, not deciphering the past, because even its implementation
has yet to be perfected.

"Blockchain is not, was not and cannot be about not confiscating
money or something outside state control."
"It is government, judges, and prosecutors I talk to"
"To responsible government, to allow them to take down the entire
concept of anon coins"
"BTC, BCH, ETH etc are heading for trouble. All have illegal data
and are not run commercially. Bye bye home user meme"
"Imagine 8 to 10 years in prison for illegal promotion. This pump
mentality, of BTC to the moon stops. I will be making sure the
authorities and legal community understand this well enough so by
the end of 2019 scum like this go away a long time
@HeyRhett Imagine in 5 years telling people you're retired because
you bought 10 BTC for $36K in 2019"
"My first public presentation mentioning Bitcoin was in March 2009.
It was concerned with OSP requirements and logging/record keeping"
"Bitcoin was designed as a means to stop all those things that
"anarchists" and associated criminals seek."
-- Craig Wright

Nice try at mal assertion, anti right to privacy,
anti hope, etc... disgusting Statist.

Change Wars Govt Joke,32,64,128Gb.pdf

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