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Fri Feb 8 01:16:12 PST 2019

UK: 12-Year-Old Girl Pretends to be 19 on Dating App, Goes to Man’s
House and Fools Around, Man Goes to Jail

Pomidor Quixote and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

I was told there was an impending incel revolt coming up,. Instead,
2019 has given us a loli revolution.

Take a deep breath because this is going to rustle some gears.

Daily Mail:

    An office worker who lost his job and home after he spent the
    night with a 12-year-old schoolgirl who pretended to be 19 has
    been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

    Carl Hodgson, 27, brought the girl to his Manchester quayside
    apartment after he met her on a dating app – not realising she
    used a fake profile which claimed she was ‘experienced’.

    He admitted to carrying out a sex act on the girl and took an
    explicit image of her in a body stocking, writing: ‘Mine was
    decent, nailed that bird, unreal bod.’

    He was arrested a month later after the girl’s mother found her
    daughter had logged onto his home WiFi and told police.

tfw Huawei 5G technology could have prevented this.

Of course it is the mother blaming the man for her daughter’s

    He said he did not know the girl’s real age and that it was her
    who suggested they go back to his apartment.

    The girl, who is known to regularly go missing from home,
    admitted posing as a 19-year-old and said Hogdson did not know
    her real age.

That’s where this story should end if we were living in a sane world.
The girl tricked the man into thinking she was older, they had a
consensual encounter, and they both went back to their lives.

But we’re not living in a sane world.

We’re living in a surreal waking nightmare realm.

And you saw the lede.

It didn’t end there.

Do you think it matters that the girl literally told the authorities
that the man was innocent as he did not know her real age?

    Hodgson admitted engaging in sexual activity with a child, making
    and distributing indecent images and was ordered to sign the Sex
    Offenders Register for life.

    He was banned from contacting girls under 16 without permission
    of their parents for seven years, and disqualified from living
    and sleeping in same household as child under 16. His not guilty
    plea for rape was accepted.

    Judge David Stockdale QC told Hodgson at Manchester Crown Court:
    ‘You have expressed regret and remorse of your actions and I
    consider your remorse and regret to be genuine.

    ‘Whilst she was 12 at the time of these events, you did not
    believe that to be the case.

    ‘You took the complainant to your flat and you in due course
    spent the night with her and caused her to pose indecently for
    your own gratification. You were to boast later that you had
    sexual activity though it is fact you had not.

    ‘The complainant was by reason of her age highly vulnerable to
    exploitation and she was no doubt impressed by you.

    ‘This is most serious offending as you will now have appreciated.
    The effects on a child of such a young age of offending of this
    sort are well known and well documented, and these effects will
    last for the rest of the child victims life.


    ‘It’s inevitable, she will suffer in the long term as a result of
    your offending.’


    Prosecutor Justin Hayhoe said: ‘He says he met the her through a
    dating application and her personal profile was over the age of
    consent. It stated she was experienced and he regarded their
    meeting as a date.


    ‘She presented herself on her social media profile as someone
    over the age of 16. She did say a meeting took place at the
    defendants flat and she maintained to the police that the
    defendant thought her age was 19 rather than 12.’

That’s right. In clown world, a girl tricks you into thinking she’s
older and suggests you two go back to your flat, you engage in some
kind of “sexual act” – which was not intercourse, according to all
parties, and which I assume was probably finger-banging as he
performed it on her – and you are so unaware you did anything wrong
that you post publicly about it on the internet.

And then you go to jail because SURPRISE! she lied to you about her
age and that somehow makes you a criminal and a terrible monster.


The Jews are really working hard to scare white men into not engaging
with white women.

What that judge told the poor man looks like something taken out of a
black comedy movie or something. But that’s the current state of the
West. Girls aged 13 and 14 are willingly prostituting themselves
to 67-year-old men and 11-year-old girls are swapping phone numbers
with 33-year-old refugees and arranging 4 AM sexual encounters with

Now 12-year-old girls are pretending to be 19 on Tinder or whatever
and inviting themselves to men’s flats to drink alcohol and do sexual

Welcome to the West.

Don’t bother looking for an exit. There isn’t one.

    In mitigation, defence lawyer Alexander Leach said: ‘The
    defendant used a dating app, one which was used for adults
    designed for contact with other adults. It’s an extremely popular
    application widely used by various cross section of society.


    ‘He must have known she was significant younger than him, but he
    believed her to be older than 16. If he had been aware, he would
    not have deemed it appropriate to take her to the apartment and
    provide her with alcoholic drinks.

    ‘He has lost his employment, his home and he has the stigma which
    comes with offending of this sort.

    ‘There is no evidence this defendant sought out children for
    sexual gratification. It wasn’t his intention to commit the
    offence – it’s been a frightening experience for him.’

Doesn’t matter, pal. He’s a man, therefore patriarchy. Therefore pig.

Therefore punishment.

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