freedom declared - use it or lose it - create your world - echo your truths - be, live, love - [PEACE]

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Fri Feb 8 00:54:15 PST 2019

See below for the full article, but the key declaration of our
individual right to freedom of belief, thought, expression and action
is put (apparently signed by some key poobars) quite succinctly:

 “Freedom is a right of every person: each individual enjoys the
  freedom of belief, thought, expression and action. The pluralism
  and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are
  willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings.
  This divine wisdom is the source from which the right to freedom of
  belief and the freedom to be different derives. Therefore, the fact
  that people are forced to adhere to a certain religion or culture
  must be rejected, as too the imposition of a cultural way of life
  that others do not accept;”

As they say, "use it or lose it".

Declare your freedoms. Literally speak, write and communicate your
fundamental freedoms with others - no matter your viewpoint on that
which may lie beyond this realm, live your truth, create your world.

If not you, who would you have speak your (individual) freedoms?

Join with others.

Encourage others.

Encourage family, tribal and any other group speaking and affirming
of your fundamental truths. Unite and speak.

Speak the truth or be not surprised if freedom dies within your
greater community.

Set aside your bigotry - hold to your truth.

Hold to and uphold your rights, those rights fundamental to your and
our individual and collective lives - survival, living,
communication, procreating, creating with our minds and hands the
visions of our minds into this shared world.

Don't hold back from beaming brightly your light upon this world -
be bold, be loving and caring, be courageous and most importantly be

May you find that which your Soul seeks for you.

May you find love, truth, peace and connectedness.

Snyder: 'One World Religion' Looms As Pope & Islam's Top Imam Sign
Historic Covenant

 “A historic interfaith covenant was signed in the Middle East on
  Monday, and the mainstream media in the United States has been
  almost entirely silent about it.”

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