censorship v free speech, not money, is a foundation for a free society/ world

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Feb 5 15:08:03 PST 2019

 Dr. Madeline Seers
 NOBODY is trying to take away your right to freedom of speech. That
 is an alt right falsehood.
 We are just trying to make certain things you say illegal if they
 hurt other people's feelings.
 There's a literal, actual difference.
 12/18/18, 11:18 PM



Guess that's why folks are literally shaking all the time, 'cause the
alt-right just doesn't understand what the extreme left is trying to
make illegal when it comes to our speech.

On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 12:50:23PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Communities exist without money, and have done so since time
> immemorial.
> But without our free right to communicate with one another, no
> community can survive, let alone flourish.
> Our basic human rights (to survive, communicate, move about in our
> community (travel)) are the foundations to any society that can ever
> approach the concept "a free society".
> Websites, in particular those website the (((media elites and those
> who control us))) don't like, are regularly simply blocked or semi
> blocked.
> And no "just use an ip address" or "private companies, they can do
> what they want" is no answer to the domination of our community, the
> domination of our peoples, that we experience.
> Each of the following sites currently blocked in Australia, even with
> javascripting enabled, but without an error, so semi-blocked, thus
> quite sinisterly undermining the freedom of communication we
> supposedly hail in "democracies":
>   https://daviddukeonline.com/product-category/david-duke-report/
>   https://daviddukeonline.com/
>   https://davidduke.com/
>   https://daviddukeonline-eu.com
> And we know our "favourite" nationalist websites have been sent to
> the dark web to appear at all, looks like The Duke is similarly being
> sent to ground.
> This is your world, people.
> Good luck,

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