Absolutely based Deuschland grandpa, the rare remaining German with balls - refuses to apologize! - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Feb 3 02:21:51 PST 2019

Well, well, well, ye olde Saxonlander be the true German blood yo!

 Ex-SS? Check!

 Denies de Holhoax? Check!

 Agrees there were nowhere near 6 million Jews ever present in
 Germany prior to WW2? Well dang yo, Check, and check-mate on
 being presented a fact few have prior witnessed (speaking for a
 friend :)

 Karl Münter:
   Münter also confessed he was not sorry for his participation in
   the war crimes. Asked if he regretted it at all, he replied:
  ‘No, not at all!’

  ‘Why should I regret it?,’ he said. ‘I didn’t fire a shot’.

   After admitting that he was nostalgic for the Third Reich,
   Münter added: ‘And the matter of the Jews that is
   attributed to (Hitler)…
   be careful.’

  ‘There weren’t millions of Jews (in Germany) at the time,
   that’s already been disproved.

  ‘This number – six million – is not correct.’

Karl joins the illustrious ranks of Grandma Haverbeck, 90 year old
James Watson, the very recently passed from this world Ernst Zundel
(may he reset in peace) and others.

<hat bowed>

Nazi SS Officer, 96, Faces Hate Speech Charge For Stating the Obvious
in Germany



on feathers in the cap, and the Nobel laureate DNA discoverer
stripped of titles - [PEACE] [MINISTRY]

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