why Jews change their names

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** Why It Is Polite to Mention When a Public Figure Is Jewish
by Friedrich Forste Polite Anti-Semite[field_author_has_account_]
(891 views) on Fri, Feb 1, 2019

 It is a prerequisite to be successful that people know the
 truth,specially truth that is widely concealed and easy to unmask.
 By unmasking some strategies of certain Jewish elites, we can create
 a safer and more truthful world.

 Today we deal with one of the biggest and most effective of these
 strategies, the one where Jews change their names and assume the
 nationality of their host countries to "fit in" while remaining
 loyal to their own people and nation. This allows them the power of
 attributing every atrocity Jews commit in the host country, to the
 host country itself and its people.

 The most common way they blend in and hide under the radar is to
 take on unremarkable and common names of their hosts, think of all
 the Goldsteins and Bergmans you know of. These are historically and
 linguistically German names. However, such individuals in our times
 are invariably Jewish. 

 Look at our political power-brokers Dianne Feinstein, Sheldon
 Adelson, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders (yes!), Adam Schiff, Brad
 Sherman, Susan Davis, Elena Kagan. Notice anything interesting?

 None of these names are Hebrew, most could pass of as super American
 and all are Jewish. A quick search on the name "Sheldon" shows that
 it is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name but it is overwhelmingly used by
 Jewish individuals. Look up the influencers of any country in the EU
 who are massively pro-EU and you’ll see the same thing, again and
 again. Jews masquerading as citizens of a nation to virtue signal
 that nation into oblivion. How old is this strategy?

 We can start from an interesting point in time, the 15th century and
 Vlad Dracul, the Wallachian ruler whose family was assassinated by
 Jews who had been thrown out of Hungary. 

 These Jewish individuals, now referred to as "Saxons" in almost all
 modern documentaries, moved to Wallachia and immediately did what
 they do, assumed control of the monetary policy, assassinated and
 impoverished the royal Christian family and encouraged the rape and
 conquer of the Christian country of Romania by the Ottoman Turks.

 Whenever you read history written by judeo-funded schools, you will
 see the reference to those pesky "Saxon" merchants” who Vlad
 considered an internal enemy of the state, undermining his Christian
 country and encouraging the Islamic invasion of his land.

 This bears an uncanny resemblance to the current Islamic invasion of
 Europe championed shrilly and hysterically by highly influential
 Jewish elites in the so called European Union. So, the Jews
 destabilizing Vlad's Romania magically become Saxons and Jewish
 influence is swept under the carpet. They frame Vlad Dracul, a hard
 man required for hard times, who was defending his Christian country
 as … a monster. One who unintentionally became a well-known one,

 Example 2, the Dutch East India company, sounds very Dutch doesn't
 it? It even has "Dutch" in the name. How much more Dutch can you

 Well, let's dig a little deeper into the infamous family of Isaak
 Elchanan who, taking on the name of their boarding house in Germany,
 are now known as Rothschilds, which simply means ‘Red Shield’ in
 German. Yes, the Rothschilds, the facilitators of modern central
 banking and stock market speculators extraordinaire, living by the
 Jewish code of "never work when you can profit off others' labours". 

 The Dutch East India company was known for being notoriously savage,
 deceptive and manipulative, not to mention cruel and ruthless. They
 exploited South Asia and east Asia in such depraved ways that the
 actual British empire had to step in and disband this cabal of
 bloodthirsty parasites. Guess who owned this wonderful company,
 which most people associate with playing a key role in building the
 British empire? 

 "No doubt those rascally Dutch, or perhaps English merchants!" You'd
 say...it IS named the DUTCH East India company isn't it?

 Well, remember when we mentioned the Rothschilds and entrenched
 Jewish interests in Netherlands? Go on, take a minute and Google the
 owners of the Dutch East India Company, I'll wait, without holding
 my breath while the usual suspects come out as … Jewish.  But end
 result, the Dutch and the English got a bad rap and the Jews were
 not and are not mentioned even today.

 Skating by, just research the American slave trade blamed on
 Anglo-Saxon settler Americans, you'll find the Jewish hand there
 too. Jews were heavily involved in the lucrative but
 capital-intensive slave trade because of their access to ships,
 capital, and clan relationships in North Africa, the historic heart
 of the slave trading industry going back for millenia, but the only
 people mentioned in the history books are those evil  "Americans".

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