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grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Apr 30 23:52:18 PDT 2019

> quarantined or rejected by many large email providers.
> Those anti-spam measures are a good topic for discussion. They have some
> merit in identifying the validity of the servers that messages come from.

> But they don't help with validating the sender, or non-repudiation, or other
> features that have existed at least as long as PGP.

Begging the State to validate you destroys all valuable
anonprivacy that humanity needs, do not do that, instead
retain validation of yourself soley as you deem useful to you.

> It's not easy to run your own mail transport agent these days. Here is a
> little article from some other victims of the behemoth ISPs:

The better solution is to simply fight back... blacklist google,
yahoo, microsoft,
with a message back to the sender to go convince their
recipient to move to a legitimate and open email provider
because their current one is stupidly blocking and spying their mail.
Give them a nice timeout after which the big three get sunk.

No one who runs their own dspam style spamassassin av
whitelist responder has any real problem at all... because they
are in control of the receiving parameters, not some stupid
megacorp third party whim in their spool.

More mail providers need to be offering these options as end
user spool configurables, aggregating for selection at per
provider or per account levels.

Distributed overlay messaging's end to end
and encrypted delivery will take over for anyone
serious about communicating, including corporations.

Unfortunately faceboogle sheeple will continue as they are.

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