Julian Assange LiveStream

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Fri Apr 19 01:56:02 PDT 2019

Yep, if he's extradited, this is how it will go. Unless choked to 
death in a paddy wagon, poisoned, knifed, shot, dropped from a 
chopper, droned, electrocuted, chemo'd, infected with fatal disease, 
or converted to a high value undercover (deeper than since 2006).

Meanwhile, El Papa Frank is working a quickie sainthood with eternal 
asylum in St. Pete's Squat coutured in finery with Yahweh's holy 
sexual predators.

At 03:19 AM 4/19/2019, you wrote:
>"Almost 300 years ago, the foundations for American protections of
>the free press were laid in the trial of John Peter Zenger.  Despite
>using every means to punish Zenger for what Cosby called "scandalous,
>virulent, false and seditious reflections", the colonial jurors
>balked and acquitted him." Where reporters once arranged for drop
>spots, there are now digital equivalents for such exchanges.

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