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The U.S. government does not have any evidence that WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange succeeded in cracking a password for whistleblower
Chelsea Manning, On Monday, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern
District of Virginia unsealed the affidavit, which is dated December
21, 2017. The document contains more details on the interactions
between Assange and Manning. And, most significantly, contains the
admission that the U.S. government -- as of December of 2017 -- had
no idea whether Assange actually cracked the password. Until now,
we knew that the U.S. was aware that Assange attempted to crack a
password for Manning once, but didn't know if it had more evidence
of further attempts or whether it thought Assange was successful.
"Investigators have not recovered a response by Manning to Assange's
question, and there is no other evidence as to what Assange did,
if anything, with respect to the password," FBI agent Megan Brown

The Art of Leaking, Behind the Scenes of the Assange Case

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has confirmed the secret
meeting he held on November 9 at the Embassy of Ecuador in London
with one of the media brains of the pro-independence coup d'\xc3\xa9tat
in Catalonia, the editor Oriol Soler.  Through social networks,
WikiLeaks has released a photograph of the meeting, taken by the
Embassy's own security cameras and published by the British newspaper
The Guardian. The image shows Julian Assange himself, his lawyer
Stella Morris, the editor Oriol Soler and the pro-independence
Andreu Griny\xc3\xb3, who is a director of the Internet sales company
Ulabox. Using this image, WikiLeaks has denounced that the Government
of Ecuador keeps under surveillance Julian Assange, a refugee in
his Embassy to flee from the United States Justice.

United Bitches of Amerika

Free World PRISM, Exhibit Disobey Today

Free Assange, Snowden, Manning, indeed Everyone.

Cypherpunks to win in the end...

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