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>On 4/10/19 4:03 PM, Punk wrote:
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>> grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:
>>> Dealing with Pedophilia in an Anarchist Society with Yaakov Markel
>via Anarchast
>> 	of course, another quite remarkable thing is how this two scumbags
>parrot to the tee the current psychobabble 'scientific' dogmas about
>'therapists', 'trauma' and the like. 
>> 	so here's a half sane voice to counter these 'libertarians'.
>> 	" psychologist Susan Clancy reports on years of research and
>contends that it is not the abuse* itself that causes trauma—but rather
>the narrative that is later imposed on the abuse experience." 
>> 	go figure. It's all just...propaganda from monkeys and their
>puritan, anti-sex (non) 'culture' based on jew-kkkristian (non)
>> *there of course is no 'abuse' in consensual acts. 
>The inherent logical disconnect between anarchy and law enforcement
>underlines the irrelevance of /most/ debate about how an anarchist
>society should be run.
>I prefer what used to be called frontier justice:  When someone makes
>enough trouble to motivate enough people to do something about it, they
>act:  Maybe a good talking-to; if that fails to curb the behavior in
>question, maybe running the offender out of town; if that seems
>inadequate to protect the community, maybe killing the bastard.
>Frontier justice is not perfect, but it's the best system we have.

It's definitely not perfect. Just look at all the lynchings that took
place in the south after the civil war - nearly always of innocent
black men (although James would, ridiculously, argue otherwise).

It seems to me that "Frontier Justice" has historically been
justice at the whim of a whipped up mob. 

Now - does that make it any worse than the absurdly inhumane
mass incarceration and extrajudicial killings practiced by
state sponsored pigs all over the country today? Obviously, no ;)

I don't have a precise idea of how "justice" in an anarchist 
society would work, but it seems to me that there are a couple 
of things that are obvious. You have a right to protect your
person and and anyone else actively under attack, with whatever
force necessary.  Beyond that, I think total shunning of a bad actor
(refusing to participate in trade or any other aspect of the 
local society) might be the best way to get rid of them. Of course,
as with anything else, this system is also imperfect ;)

>Compare the Libertarian belief that incorruptible Courts adjudicating
>tort claims, on a level playing field where wealth, power, and
>prejudice provide no advantages, can exist.
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