Can you be banned for an unpopular opinion?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Apr 10 23:38:49 PDT 2019

On 4/11/19, Ryan Carboni <33389 at> wrote:
> Can you be banned for an unpopular opinion?

Can you be eaten by cannibals when overpowered?
And if they evolve into vegans?

> Why ban someone for an unpopular
> opinion anyway?

The banners lie exposed by such action, ask them.

> What exactly is in the first amendment? If law enforcement advises a company
> to ban a person, how does one appeal?

As to Gov influence, one could go at them with
the 1st, tort, etc. If Gov will let you win.

Corp currently not much external restrictions, only
within your contract. Don't sign it. Start another corp.
If you can get Gov to let you.

> I really think Cloudflare, Reddit, and the DoJ IG should be shut down.

Perhaps easier to route and build around them.

Cryptocurrency derives its refactoring power as
byproduct of human nature, and its adoption
is coming sooner than most think.

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