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> Dealing with Pedophilia in an Anarchist Society with Yaakov Markel via Anarchast

	1) There are no 'age of consent' 'laws' under libertarian philosophy and 'children' have the same rights that so called 'adults' have.

	2) children have sexual impulses like any other human being - which is the reason why children "play doctor" among other things. 

	The conclusion from those two *facts* of life should be obvious to anyone with half a brain, and that of course *excludes* typical 'anarcho' fascist scum like berwick and this jakobo markel nazi.

	As to the content of that 'talk' : 

	We have jakobo markel equating 'pedophilia' with 'child molesters'(whatever that means), and wanting to *chemically castrate* 'pedophiles'. That's extremely  funny because not even the current statist scum  from the 'official' government is as deranged as these 'libertarian' monkeys straight out from the dark ages. 

	Second extremely funny thing is : jakobo believes that people in 'his' 'free society' will either be 'insured' or will be unable to even buy food. In other words, the 'free society' these people envision is way more totalitarian than the current statist system. And that wouldn't apply only to 'pedophiles' but to anyone who isn't a piece of nazi scum like 'them' and who didn't obey the 'rules' of the 'community'. OOPS, what we have is actually a bunch of totalitarian commies. Who would have thought...

	Then we have psycho berwick stating that if a 'pedophile' was summarily executed by a neighboor ('pedophile's head blown off by a gun in berwick's words) then berwick would "have lunch" with the murderer. So to these people outright MURDER is not a crime at all, whereas consensual acts between people are. 

	Anyway thanks grarpamp for linking yet more proof as to the anti-libertarian, fascist  nature of  scum like berwick and his 'associates' - then again, if you want to know what the worst possible kind of right winger looks like, just listen to anglo-jew-american scum posing as 'libertarian'. 


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