Ray Dalio: to 60 minutes USA: the state of American capitalism "is a national emergency" - remember the Fed - [PEACE]

Steven Schear schear.steve at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 11:03:39 PDT 2019

HiFrom my tweets to Ray:

I also believe that capitalism might be a fundamentally sound system. But
we don't have capitalism and that's why what we have is not working well
for the majority of people.

True capitalism means markets freed of all regulations except fraud, etc.
We don't have that and likely never will.

Your treatise misses a key point of political corruption underpining
corporatism / "crony capitalism". The simple fix: private criminal
prosecutions at the federal and state level.

Imagine if private prosecutors were let loose on Washington's political

Your treatise also misses a second factor: In politics, money is access.
The wealthiest individuals and corporations clearly have much more access
than the bottom 80+%. They, especially the corps., also (via their
lobbyists) craft much of the legislation to their benefit.

I think it would be highly beneficial to society if this disparity were
addressed. My solution: limit individuals and corporations to "single
representation". That is only individuals or the CEO of the corporation
could call on or lobby a representative (no hired guns).
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