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Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 13:43:36 PDT 2019

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019, 18:12 kamoshi <kamoshi at protonmail.com> wrote:

Loving the optimism and positivity. But I wish someone could help me? As
> Nick Szabo hasn’t been replying to my messages.

Hi, kid!  Hope you are doing good and feeling better!  :D

Why do you want to talk with Nick Szabo, my dear?  Do you think he is
Satoshi Nakamoto or something similar?

My dear boy, only he knows the truth and he would never answer to anyone
about this subject.  Do not feel rejected or sad only for this reason,

(Hey, my cute pumpkin!  Do you think is Szabo the guy?  ;)

"My cute pumpkin" is grarpamp, Kamoshi.  He is my best friend for talking
about 'bitchcoins', 'shitcoins', and similar subjects here.  And he is also
my musical pumpkin, but we have a lot of other awesome musical friends
here...  #love  <3

I’ve been waiting for a critical email from him which would improve my life
> situation a lot. It’s frankly driven me to the edge of suicide. I don’t
> know how mich longer I can resist the urge to self harm.
> Best, someone people used to care about

Hey, Kamoshi, you did receive an answer from Mirimir, my best imaginary
friend here, a few months ago!  Could you show a little more of respect for
his search and time, please?  I do love him really a lot!  <3

He doesn't exist in the "real life", but has a big and tender heart...  And
a f*cking amazing brain!  Wow, really love this guy very, very, very
much!!!  <3

Please, do not harm yourself and learn to love the whole world's
awesomeness, my dear Kamoshi.  It will save you!  ;)

Take care and be well, boy.  Keep your hopes, do *not* kill yourself, live
and be happy...  And, if possible, always share your happiness with this
sad world.  Living is not easy, but it can be fun as a f*ck, wow!!!  :D

Tender kisses and hugs from Brazil!  <3

Ceci, late...  Sorry!  :P

PS:  - Are you a real "nihonjin" or just another guy who knows Japanese
much better than me?  Hahahaha!!!  ;D
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