On target marketing and the ultimate programmer's monitor, and a marketing opportunity to any Samsung, LG or Sony wanna be

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Apr 29 23:51:38 PDT 2019

A)  There is one major step to "peak flat panel monitor" technology
and that is active nano-aerials tuned per wavelength (RGB etc),
which will eliminate the problems with various LCD (brightness, color
gamut) and OLED (burn in) tech, from the point of view of
programmers, digital graphic artists and other "dekstop" crowd
computer users.

We've seen this tech in development for a little while now, for
example with articles over at New-Atlas:

  Nano antenna amplifies light by a factor of 1,000

  Optical antenna may allow LEDs to replace lasers in host of devices

  Graphene optical lens a billionth of a meter thick breaks the
  diffraction limit

  Single photon emission from graphene quantum dots at room

  Let there be light: Controlled creation of quantum emitter arrays

So no burn-in, tuned (perfect gamut) spectrum production, high
lifetime and durability, maximum efficiency, infinite contrast (like
OLED).  That's active nano light emitting devices on the horizon, and
what glorious ocular abundance we shall "soon" indulge in :)

B)  In the meantime, ye olde hacker or Gimp photo shopper "just
wants" LOTS of pixels, a large display with lots of pixels, a curved
display (really for anything beginning at ~40" (16:9 aspect ratio)
and above, probably with a 21:9 super wide display format.

Oh, and lots of pixels.

So how large is ideal for a desk bound keyboard code jockey?

Large enough to cover a goodly portion of muh field o' view!

Probably around the 55" mark tops, may be a bit less, but again, it
simply must be curved, and at an ideal viewing distance from screen
of under a foot (30cm for the rest of the world thank you very much),
we needs lots of precious pixels - "8K", but stretched out to 21:9,

  8960 x 3840 pixels, around 50 inch diagonal, 21:9 aspect ratio

That should be enough for anybody (with no apologies to anyone!).

So lots of pixels.

Finally, you can have either black or white external decor, but the
inside edge MUST be held by white plastic!

For those who sit real close (and use a top or bottom of screen
button/ icon/ window bar), a black (or metal/gray) internal clamp
holding that beautiful screen in place, is a notable shadow!

So strict white on the inside to minimize "internal border" shadows,
and black or white or as you please on the outside.

Today we're on the way, with LG pumping out a rather nice but oddly
un-curved ultrawide 5K2K monitor.  If it were curved, I'da bin
beggin, borrowin and savin to buy one, but since it ain't curved,
there's just one too many deficiencies to bother:

  34" Class 21:9 UltraWide® 5K2K Nano IPS LED Monitor with
  HDR 600 (34" Diagonal)

In other words, this monitor, if it were curved, is roughly two
thirds of the ideal monitor: just give it white internal clamp sections
to avoid those internal border shadows, and expand it to the above
resolution and size and boom, we're done!

1st world "problems" hey?

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