Cryptocurrency: Decentralized Deception (Documentary)

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Apr 29 22:30:25 PDT 2019 decentralized deception one response

A random avg joe's take

Crypto is so much about this... hundreds millions people around the
world each researching making their own evaluations and choices in
things from philosphy to technical to markets to family, right or wrong,
win or lose, talking with each other, learning, sharing ideas, expanding
their thinking. Don't discount what the average Jane's around the world
think and want. You can find lots of their tubes if you look around, linked
herein two random, not even representative, examples. And a few,
a *very* few not necessarily shown herein, are actually seeking truth,
approaching and doing  things responsibly. They are the ones bringing
the future. Find and support and hear them out, the few real ones,
among the colossal lot of retards, shills, scams, frauds, statists,
fools, fooled, metoos, governments, banks, corporations, and the like.

It's either fully distributed decentralized worldwide
p2p transaction mineable privacy coins, in/out via IRL
p2p and DEX and truly openly inspectable exchanges...
or Fiat... pick one, or both in some fraction. They are
mutually exclusive, there is no middle ground but fakery
and witches. That has always been, and always will be,
the story of cryptocurrency... DYOR... make the story
a good one. It's not easy, but it's possible.

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