[liberationtech] Democrats rally around pledge not to use hacked documents (Wash Post)

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 19:43:06 PDT 2019

> https://s2.washingtonpost.com/camp-rw/?e=cnJiQGcuY2xlbXNvbi5lZHU%3D&s=5cc6e448fe1ff6510311c476


It's not about upstanding each other for not pledging.

Those disavowing it are simply afraid of the truth it contains.

Disavowers forging joint compacts are attempting to
universally discredit and wage war against the truth.
Jointly fudding it is their only defense tactic left.
Deny deny deny, and never open up for inspection...
it's the oldest game in town.

Pledges are also a total lie, no politician would refuse to use
fruits in such razor thin and engineered "elections", it would be
campaign suicide not to, so they'll just use them secretly.

Information seeks to be free, to be its own open market,
"National Security" is just another Top Secret FUD attack
against the natural state and tide of information, an attempt
to put freedom back in the bottle, and keep power out in force.

Don't let that happen.
2020 US elections will see many documents "liberated".
"Pledge" to curate and keep them freely accessible to the world.

Because as you can see in the last link above,
the FUD is already having desired effect on media,
causing them to second guess themselves, to focus
on "'criminal' sources" instead of on the information, etc

The fourth estate is hardly as strong, independant,
or innocent as people think... in most places of note
it's already done in, and getting consistantly worse
across the board [1].

But you still have the internet... at least for a little while longer...
so really it's up to you now.

https://rsf.org/en/ranking [2]

[2] What sad state of affairs is it that you cannot reach
a press freedom site when using freedom tools like Tor.

> I don't get it. So, they would not look at the Pentagon
> Papers or other evidence of crimes that have been
> suppressed?
> It seems to me that the important thing is the information,
> not the source. Or am I just ill-informed with regards to
> journalism and ethics?
> I get the fruit of a poisoned tree thing for government
> prosecutions. But, won't this type of standard make it
> easier to suppress whistle-blower information pointing
> out government malfeasance?

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