oniontinc: tinc via Tor v3 onions with MPTCP

Ann Brown annobrown at protonmail.com
Sun Apr 28 17:12:11 PDT 2019

Basically, oniontinc routes tinc via Tor, and uses MPTCP for multipathing and link aggregation. tinc hosts listen for connections to Tor v3 onion services, and they connect to peers using Tor SocksPorts. MPTCP aggregates full-mesh connections between hosts, with a preference for those that have greater bandwidth and lower latency. For Internet hosts with well-peered gigabit uplinks, this permits throughput among peers at 30-50 Mbps for multiple streams.

There are bash scripts for almost everything involved in creating full-mesh oniontinc networks, using Debian hosts. The scripts draw on a simple configuration table with required information about all hosts in the network. The scripts specify subnets 10.101.1N.0/24 with N=0-5, which are part of the subnet that ChaosVPN has allocated for American and other hackerspaces. But you can use any subnet that you like, such as something in for dn42.

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