Julian Assange put through 'hell' at embassy, says former diplomat

jim bell jdb10987 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 21 23:00:03 PDT 2019


Julian Assange was always respectful but went through "hell" in the Ecuadorian embassy as officials tried to "break him down", according to a former senior diplomat.
Fidel Narvaez worked at the London embassy for six of the seven years the WikiLeaks figurehead lived there and says they became friends.
Assange was evicted a few weeks ago after a change of government in Ecuador.  

Its new president, Lenin Moreno, publicly criticised the whistleblower and gave the impression the government ended his stay after growing tired of his alleged bad behaviour.
Speaking to Sky News, Fidel Narvaez disputed claims that Assange had assaulted guards, didn't clean up after himself, didn't take care of his pet cat and even smeared human excrement on the walls of the embassy.

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